Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Read please.

Thoughts do wander around,
And we know they have no bound.
But sometimes, Some things.
Comes by to make us keep on wondering.
"When i say, i've moved. I'm."
"When i say, i won't leave you. I won't"
"When i say, it's you. It will be only you."
And nothing else matters.
Past is past like you said.
Memories are memories logically will stay inside our head.
But the present is when you're living on it.
I ain't saying much of what my thoughts are saying,
But this are what you need to know.
"I love you. And thats how i feel right now."
Nothing else matters.
I know anything can happen.
But i'm saying, i'm far away now.
I'm far away, with you now.
Please get it?
Thanyou, love.