Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I apologise.

I thought everyday was so fine,
And so i decided not to even whine.
But at times things just turn out the other way round,
Making our moods go out of bound.
I dislike being all moody,
Cause i prefer being crappy.
Why did i even frown?
Am i feeling so down?
I didn't want it to happen that way,
It makes me left with nothing to say.
I apologise baby,
I mean it so badly.
Sometimes when i'm all down,
I can't cheer people up like the waves of sounds.
Like i used to,
Now Rahman seems to be untrue.
I'm really sorry again,
Making you walk the wrong lane.
You won't allow me to take all the blames,
You'll surely be angry and covered with flames.
Just to say i hope things will be alright,
And you'll be able to sleeptight tonight. :)