Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bonham St.

Hey! i knw,its alrdy sunday! bt i waannaa blog about yesterday,which is saturday.=D
So ya,i woke up arnd 12pm i guess.haha
EAT,TV,EAT,TV...till my friends beep me.and there i go,getting ready to get ready.huh?haha.
Before that,my girfee called..gosh.she was really worrying me..She said she cldnt do anythng.And tht,she was at Jp..I did fetch her,sent her home safely.And she rest,while i'm off to MARINA w rascal of cause. haha.
We came,we ate LJS/BK. We walk around. We do nonsenses things.standard! haha.
Then we off to waterfront,chit chat,hang out,chillingggg.=D
Then to merlion! haha.CAMWHORE! Lastly,to CLARKE QUAY.hhaaa!
CHILLING.. haha. so ya,great friends together make nonsenses..haha.k im lame.
so taking care! boooooooyyyyyyaaaaaaaa! ENJOY the KIND of SLIDESHOW. ahahah.